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New & Exclusive RFID Metering Range 2015

The latest in Contactless technology (RFID) Prepayment Metering solutions.

C/L Refurbishments Ltd (EMS) are proud to launch the latest in RFID Prepayment metering solutions. With our vast knowledge and experience within the metering sector, our new range of world leading products are way ahead of anything else on the market.

What is RFID?

RFID in its simplest form is a smart communication method more commonly known as Radio Frequency Identification.

How does it work within our products?

RFID simply allows non physical contact with the product upon interaction.


With our product range consisting of a fully MID approved Contactless (RFID) Prepayment Meter, we guarantee all of our customers satisfaction with the highest level of security available, meaning each product is set to a unique encryption for each customer.


Metering simplicity with no set up costs!

  • Simply purchase your meter.
  • Purchase your desired card quantity (including rate setting cards).
  • Purchase top-up station (if required).

Our Customers

Our metering ranges are currently provided to the following:

  • RFID Meters for landlords.
  • RFID Meters for caravan parks and marinas.
  • RFID Meters for leisure/holiday parks.
  • RFID Meters for Domestic and Commercial lettings.
  • RFID Meters for Equine arenas
  • RFID Meters for Social Housing Groups.

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CL Refurbishments are an established, growing company based in the West Midlads who are specialists in the refurbishment of electricity and gas meters, and have a client base which includes many of the largest energy suppliers in Europe.

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