Refurbishment of Electricity Meters

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The stages of our processing

  • Stage 1:-

    Metering assets have been sorted into type and customer.(within our company or by our customers. During this process products are allocated a specific storage container dependent on location and type of asset.

  • Stage 2:-

    • Transportation of metering assets.
    • Assets are collected from site and delivered to Triple R Solutions.
    • Paperwork is supplied to both locations for full audit able trails.
    • All goods are weighted and photo’d on our weight bridge.
    • Our vehicles are all fully traceable and tracked daily.
    • All our vehicles carry relevant waste transfer notes/licences.
  • Stage 3:-

    Internal processing, segregation and component removal.

  • Stage 4:- Accounts processing

    All delivery notes/weight tickets are forwarded to our head office for processing.

    C/L Refurbishments raise a PO direct to our customers, with copies of weight transfer notes, the customer internally raise a invoice for the Forwarded PO, On C/L Refurbishments receiving an invoice a cheque/bacs payment is made.

  • Transfer of Asset to Triple R Solutions:

    All metering assets are collected from C/L Refurbishments or our Customer.

    These are then taken to our Recycling Centre, where they are first weighed on our weight bridge.(All Scales Calibrated annually), Producing a valid weight ticket, this will show the gross weight.

    Meters are then taken to their allocated bay were they are unloaded and wait further processing.

    (Through out this part of the process photographic evidence is collected and forwarded to C/L Refurbishments to archive.)

    The vehicle is then weighted out of Triple R Site Completing the weight ticket.

    (All Delivery notes/weight tickets are forwarded to our head office for processing)


CL Refurbishments are an established, growing company based in the West Midlads who are specialists in the refurbishment of electricity and gas meters, and have a client base which includes many of the largest energy suppliers in Europe.

" Making the world a greener place "