Refurbishment of Electricity Meters

What is your carbon footprint like?

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We can all contribute.

We all have a responsibility for managing our environmental impact As part of our working day. Be aware of the impacts your work has on the environment and consider how any risks could be reduced. Working together we can achieve the goal we have set ourselves.

Here are some of the many ways CL Refurbishments contribute.


  • All company vans are serviced regularly.
  • Checked daily by driver before use.
  • Run on diesel fuel.
  • Only take necessary journeys.
  • Engines switched off when not travelling.

Fork lift trucks

  • All fork lift trucks are serviced regularly.
  • Checked daily by driver before use.
  • Run on LPG.
  • Used only when necessary.
  • Engine switched off when not in use.


  • Lights checked regularly.
  • All lights turned off when not in use.
  • All machinery used only when necessary.
  • All machinery switched off when not in use.
  • All electrical equipment turned off not just left on standby when not in use.


  • No mains gas heating, only diesel / calor used when required.
  • Empty gas bottles collected by gas supplier for disposal.


  • 2 toilets and 2 washrooms available.
  • All staff to ensure taps are not left running.
  • Automatic switch off taps are fitted to safeguard against the above.
  • Any leaks must be reported straight away.
  • Water supply switched off during weekends and holiday periods when factory is unmanned.


  • All metal seals removed are put into metal waste skip.
  • Any stickers removed are put into a plastic bag and returned to customer for disposal.
  • Any shrink wrap or other packaging is put into plastic bags and returned to customer for disposal.
  • Any cardboard is re-used.
  • Any pallets are re-used.
  • Any plastic boxes are re-used.
  • Any screws removed are re-used any found to be damaged or broken are put into metal skip.


  • No harsh chemicals are used, only cleaning detergents (Washing up liquid) and household degreaser-see coshh sheets.
  • Any cleaning cloths contaminated with chemicals after use are put into plastic bin marked up as “rag only” when bin is full cloths are put into plastic bags and collected by local waste management companies for disposal.

General waste

  • Any general waste is put into plastic bin bags and collected by local council for disposal.

Empty wire coils

  • Returned to customer for recycling or disposal.

Scrap meters

  • All scrap meters fall under the new CL Refurbishments 2009 recycle programme.

Lithium Batteries

  • These are returned to the the battery disposal site for recycling.

CL Refurbishments are an established, growing company based in the West Midlads who are specialists in the refurbishment of electricity and gas meters, and have a client base which includes many of the largest energy suppliers in Europe.

" Making the world a greener place "