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Sustainable End of Life Supply Chain

We offer the UK’s first and only sustainable end of life supply chain for lithium thionyl chloride batteries, providing options for handling your waste batteries/meters. 

Complete solution for battery/meter recycling

Within this service we take in your redundant meters, remove all waste battery’s, break down your meters for recycling, recycle your meters, recycle your battery’s, then provide all evidence and rebates on materials.

Partial solution

We can provide you with the correct containers for processing your own battery waste, we will provide you detailed instructions on how these are to be packaged to comply with ADR regulations. However, to carry out this service yourself, you must have a dangerous goods specialists within your organization to comply and offer guidance your handling of batteries.  

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Cellcycle & CL Refurbishments Announce Partnership for the UK’s First Recycling Solution for Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries

In a pioneering initiative that is set to redefine sustainability in the utility and battery sector, Cellcycle par of The SER Group, has forged a groundbreaking partnership with specialist electric and gas meter refurbisher CL Refurbishments Ltd. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the UK’s journey towards net zero by establishing the first and only sustainable end-of-life supply chain for lithium thionyl chloride batteries.

The Partnership’s Vision: A Circular Economy for the Utility Sector & Further Afield

The partnership between Cellcycle and CL Refurbishments emerged as a visionary response to a critical environmental challenge. These two industry leaders recognised the pressing need for a sustainable solution for end-of-life lithium thionyl chloride batteries, both of which are integral components in nearly all electric and gas meters worldwide.

At the time, there existed no efficient means of recycling for these batteries, and their accumulation has started to pose a significant environmental concern. The collaboration between Cellcycle and CL Refurbishments signifies a groundbreaking step forward in not only addressing this urgent recycling issue but also in promoting a greener and more sustainable future for the utility industry. Together, they are driving innovation in battery recycling, reducing waste, and contributing to a more environmentally responsible energy landscape.

Achieving Sustainability: Key Goals of the Partnership:

Environmentally Friendly Recycling: Cellcycle and CL Refurbishments are pioneering eco-friendly recycling processes that prioritise the responsible handling and recycling of lithium thionyl chloride batteries, effectively reducing waste and the carbon footprint.

Closing the Loop: By establishing a closed-loop system, the partnership ensures that these critical battery components are safely and efficiently recycled, thereby contributing to a circular economy for battery materials.

Regulatory Compliance: Both companies are unwavering in their commitment to meeting all necessary regulatory and safety standards, providing assurance that the recycling process is both responsible and sustainable.

What it Means for the Industry

Among the clients that will directly benefit from this transformative partnership are some of the UK’s leading utilities providers and manufacturers, including Landis+Gyr, our pilot customer. These utility providers play a pivotal role in delivering electricity and gas services to consumers across the nation.

This partnership not only eliminates the environmentally harmful practice of incineration but also ensures a consistent and sustainable supply chain for all that utilise these batteries. By having access to a reliable recycling route, companies can further enhance the environmental credentials of their services and contribute to a more sustainable landscape for the UK.

Gary Mo, Managing Director at The SER Group commented, “This partnership not only eliminates the environmentally harmful practice of incineration but also ensures a consistent and sustainable supply chain for all that utilise these batteries. By having access to a reliable recycling route, companies can further enhance the environmental credentials of their services and contribute to a more sustainable landscape for the UK.”

Gary continued, “Our collaboration with the CL Refurbishments exemplifies our shared commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in our respective industries. Together, we aim to redefine industry standards, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in environmentally responsible recycling solutions.

This partnership not only strengthens our position in the market but also underscores our dedication to creating a cleaner, greener future. We are excited about the transformative impact we can achieve by combining our expertise and resources, and we look forward to leading the way towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly landscape.”

Adam Williams, Managing Director at CL Refurbishments expanded on the positive benefits of the partnership, “At CL Refurbishments Ltd our customers always come first.

We strive to find the latest solutions available for our customers, to meet demands of ever-changing processes.

A groundbreaking joint venture between CL Refurbishments and Cellcycle, will secure another step towards a sustainable future in providing the solution for a complete recycling process of waste Lithium Thionyl chloride batteries.”

Conclusion: A First for the UK

This collaboration is not just a case study in sustainability; it is a historic moment for the UK. Cellcycle Ltd and CL Refurbishments Ltd, with the support of our pilot customer Landis+Gyr, are proud to be the architects of the UK’s only sustainable solution for lithium thionyl chloride batteries.


About the Partners

CL Refurbishments

Our Core focus at CL Refurbishments Ltd is to create a sustainable environment, through innovative solutions for the utility sector. Improving efficiencies for the supply chain of metering manufacturers and operators.

Our Refurbishment and repatriation process, along with green recycling solutions help reduce our customers carbon footprint and help work towards a nett zero economy.

With over 25 years experience in this sector and our trusted brand, our sustainable solutions are built to reduce environmental impacts, and increase customer productivity one meter at a time.

The SER Group & Cellcycle

The SER Group was founded with the aim to create a sustainable future through IT and WEEE recycling. As of today, the SER has established itself as one of the leading recycling companies in the UK.

With SER’s vast experience within the recycling industry it became apparent that there was a growing demand for sustainable battery recycling solutions in the UK and internationally.

As an answer to this growing demand the SER Group founded Cellcycle.

Cellcycle is one of the UK’s leaders in advanced battery recycling, providing clients nationwide with a compliant, sustainable, and complete battery recycling solution.

Utilising state-of-the art technology Cellcycle can treat and recycle all types of lithium-ion batteries from all kinds of applications.

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