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Welcome to CL Refurbishments Ltd

CL Refurbishments Ltd are an established company based in the West Midlands. We are specialists in the refurbishment/recycling of both electric and gas meters. Our client base includes most of the UK’s largest energy suppliers and metering manufactures.

CL Refurbishments Ltd has built up considerable experience in the provision of electric/gas meter refurbishment and data collection services. With over 20 years’ experience in the metering sector, we use our knowledge and system to implement changes to help aid a smoother transition of metering assets between asset owners.

Our comprehensive range of services consists of supporting and maintaining off circuit meter returns in line with the current re-uses policy. With the ever-increasing pressure to reduce cost without impacting the safety of personnel and plant requires a dynamic flexible approach to challenges presented. To achieve both long term and short-term improvements CL Refurbishments believes that effort associated with returning meters back to the internal supply chain not only saves cost but has a major positive impact on the environment. All metering equipment that reaches its end of life cycle gets processed through our state of the art meter recycling centre.

Offering a solution that meets your needs is our speciality, we can tailor a package to suit your requirements, from:-

  • Collection and Delivery Services
  • Fully tracked goods, on and off site
  • Data collection service to capture your assets requirements
  • Electric and Gas Meter Refurbishments
  • Data analyses and cross-reference data management
  • Electric meter programming
  • Setting of SSC Codes and internal time clocks
  • Programming Key meters
  • Electric meter calibration
  • Gas meter paint
  • Gas meter boss refurbishment
  • Fault Checking and identification
  • Smart meter Testing Facility
  • Sim Card management and installation
  • Setting handheld devices to meet Zig bee Communication guidelines
  • Sim card collection services
  • Meter Batch testing
  • Meter Recycling
  • IST Approved Test Station

We are fully ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 18001 Approved.

Happy to providing our services to;

CL Refurbishments are an established, growing company based in the West Midlads who are specialists in the refurbishment of electricity and gas meters, and have a client base which includes many of the largest energy suppliers in Europe.

" Making the world a greener place "